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Conventional loan limits are increasing January 1st 2018

The weather may be cooling down in the Phoenix Valley, but the market – like many across America – remains hot. As real estate prices continue to rise, the Federal Housing Finance Administration (FHFA) has [...]

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Mortgage Brothers’ Gift Giving and Getting List for 2017

It’s the holiday season; time to trim the Turkey and spend time with our families! It’s aso time to begin preparing our holiday gift lists. Investing a little time to select thoughtful gifts for clients [...]

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November 2017 Advice for Buyers and Sellers Currently in Market

The Cromford Report has published their November 2017 analysis of real estate for the Valley. 4th Quarter is Good for Buyers! Supply up 11% since August, Down 12% from 2016  What your buyers need to [...]

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Why Videos and Drones are Fall 2017’s Best Marketing Ideas for REALTORS

There used to be a joke in the real estate industry that real estate marketing came down to the “4P’s” – Put a sign in the yard, Put it on the MLS, Place some ads [...]

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A Halloween Horror Story of An Overheated Market: Two Years that Changed the World

In honor of Halloween, a true tale of terror about the Phoenix Valley real estate market crash of 2004 – 2006. If someone asked you about the two-year period that had the biggest impact on [...]

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