Conventional loan limit in Arizona has just been increased to $510,400





In Arizona and most of the US, the conventional loan limits have been increased from $484,350 to $510,400. This is amazing news, just four years ago that limit was $380,000.

What exactly does an increased loan limit mean?

A big portion of this is that the barometer for what is considered to be a jumbo loan has moved. Now, everything over $510,400 is a jumbo loan, where previously it was anything over $484,350.

Now you don’t want a jumbo loan if you can avoid it. They come with higher interest rates and strict guidelines.

What are the other benefits?

This impacts three main areas: purchasing power, refinancing out of jumbo loans, and cash-outs.

Your purchasing power has increased because your 5% down can now go toward a larger house. The purchasing price of your home went up to about $537,000 from $509,000.

Next, because of what qualifies as a jumbo loan has changed, you can actually refi out of the jumbo loan and into a convention mortgage.

Finally, there are new cash-out loan limits. They’re now $510,400 instead of $484,350. So, if your home appraises for in that mid $600,000 range, the cash out loan devalue at 80% would get you that $510,000. So, you’ll get more money on your cash-out.

Now, these are not just limited to single-family residence homes, but also for but a duplex,  triplex, or fourplex. You can actually buy a $1.2 million fourplex and get a conventional loan on it. You don’t have to go commercial for that much money. The caveat to this though is you have to put 25% down on three and fourplexes but the loan limit is up to $981,000. However, the point is that you can buy something at 1.2 million, put 25% down, and occupy one of the units, which is great news!


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