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Despite Dip in Valley Permits, There are Still Lots of Homes Out There

One of the important metrics for evaluating the health of the housing market is the number of single-family home building permits issued. The higher the number of permits issued, the more growth in the market. [...]

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Understanding the Difference Between Pre-Approved vs. Pre-Qualified

In a competitive real estate market like metro Phoenix, home buyers--especially first time home buyers--need to use any edge they can to make them more appealing to sellers. Apart from having wheelbarrows full of [...]

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Increased Labor Costs–Who Pays the Premium?

In the wake of the housing crash of 2008, thousands of construction workers across the country suddenly found themselves unemployed. Ten years later, labor shortages in the construction industry are affecting the cost of housing [...]

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As Phoenix Home Prices Continue to Rise, It’s Still a Good Time to Buy

  Here in Phoenix, home values have been steadily increasing and the long term trend has favored sellers over buyers. This means, if you're worried you won't get your money out of the house you're [...]

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