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Cash-out Refinance During COVID-19

In this episode, we talked about and answered questions about cash-out refinances in our current COVID-19 market. Right now, we're still sheltering in place and we're getting a ton of calls from people about a range of topics, but a lot of them surround the issues posed by COVID-19 and whether they should do a cash-out refinance, if they should pull money out for emergency funds, and about investing.

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SBA Loans For Corona Virus Relief: Payment Protection and $10K Economic Injury Disaster Loan

Here we discuss 4 SBA Loans For Corona Virus Relief that are available: the Payment Protection Program, the $10K Economic Injury, Disaster Loan Emergency Advance, and SBA Express Bridge Loans. Keep in mind that 1099 Independent Contractors should be able to apply for the PPP (Payment Protection Program) loan starting April 10th 2020.

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CARES Act (COVID-19 bill): How It Affects Home Loans — Mortgage forgiveness or forbearance?

Here we discuss how the CARES Act (signed into law March 30th, 2020) affects homeowners with mortgages. Is the Government going to forgive your mortgage payments? What is mortgage payment forbearance? Can you qualify for mortgage payment forbearance? If so, for how long? There is a lot of misinformation and misinterpretation out there. Here we hope to clear some things up.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Debt Collectors

In this episode we discuss how past due or delinquent accounts can quickly be turned over to a collections department or agency that will then become responsible for collecting the debt. Debt collectors can be intimidating to consumers, especially when their attempts to collect a debt lead to daily calls, emails, letters, and text messages. The idea of facing off with debt collectors can be overwhelming, but knowing what mistakes to avoid when dealing with debt collectors can be beneficial to consumers.

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