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What Are Mortgage Trigger Leads? Why Are Strangers Calling Your phone?

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What Are Mortgage Trigger Leads? Why Are Strangers Calling Your phone?

Today we’re talking about trigger leads. We’re going to cover what they are and how to avoid getting annoying phone calls after applying for a mortgage.

What’s a trigger lead?

If you’ve ever applied for a mortgage you’ve likely received some of these calls. A few days after your credit is pulled you start getting phone calls from people you haven’t previously been talking with. This is because of a trigger lead.

A trigger lead is a good, old-fashioned marketing trick. What happens is companies who are interested in knowing when you’ve applied for a mortgage can buy your contact info. And once they have your info, they’ll give you a call and try to swoop in and close a deal. These leads are sold by the credit bureaus to companies that are interested in knowing when you’ve applied for a mortgage.

The unfortunate thing about these, besides being annoying, is that they can also be scummy, especially when those calling give the impression that they’re associate with a company you’re already working with (such as the Mortgage Brothers!).

So, what’re some solutions?

How do we get these calls to stop?

The trick is to sign up with the Do Not Call registry. You can do that at While it takes about 30 days or so to go into effect, once it does, you’ll get less and less of these unwanted calls.

Now, unfortunately, when you put a stop on calls you can still get mailers. But, thankfully there’s a solution for those too. You can go to to get more control over what is sent to you by mail and what isn’t.

No matter what you decide to do, we want you to know what protections you have and what steps you can take to minimize any potential annoyances in your life, especially if it has anything to do with getting a mortgage or loan.


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