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Maricopa is a scene of natural beauty and amazement found in the midst of the Sonoran Desert surrounded by the mountain ranges of Haley Hills, Saddleback, Sierra Estrelles, and Palo Verde.  The rivers of Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Vekol, and Gila make Maricopa a perfect oasis in the middle of the desert.

Even though this city was just incorporated in 2003, it has grown in population by leaps and bounds with a very rich cultural history. There is a rich cultural diversity with 2 thriving Native American communities found near Maricopa. There are two places where these communities are celebrated.

  • HuHuGam Heritage Center preserves native artifacts.
  • Him Dak Eco Museum meaning “way of life” in the Ak Chin language celebrates the way of life of the Ak Chin tribe.

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The Mortgage Brothers Team has its roots in this rich community going back to the time when the roads were nothing but dirt. We have written the story of both our business and family into the Phoenix Valley and want to assist you and developing your story in this rich area.

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