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New River is the perfect small town for upwardly mobile families to set up roots. The city ranks as better than average in Arizona in several important areas.

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New River is named after the seasonal wash of the same name, part of the Agua Fria River system which drains into the Salt River. It was founded by Lord Darrell Duppa in 1868 as a stagecoach stop and the current population is about 20,000 people.

  • The median income
  • House values
  • Amount of time people stayed after moving
  • Number of rooms in the average home
  • The number of people renting their homes and the ages of houses are well below the state average.

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Mortgage Brothers has over 12 years of experience in the Phoenix Valley with helping families find the perfect place to permanently call home. Locally owned and operated, we have invested in our communities and into our families. We want to help you find a place that you can find your happily ever after!

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