It’s monsoon season again and last night Phoenix was hit with a massive storm. A friend of mine was at a party when the host got a call saying the entire roof of her parents’ home had blown off. Can you imagine?

My friend’s story reminded me of an old joke about a guy who always complained about his leaky roof. His friends got sick of hearing about it and told him to patch it, but he told them, “I can’t fix it when it’s raining and I don’t need to when it’s not.”

While we might not be able to prepare for having the roof torn off our house, there are always things we can do that will help us make it through a difficult season, especially if we know it’s coming. (Some things you can’t prepare for though.)

Take Advantage of the Summer Slowdown

In a post earlier this month, I mentioned that, according to the Cromford Report, the Phoenix Metro area has officially entered its seasonal slowdown in home sales. This slowdown might not be welcomed by everyone, but perhaps we in the industry can make good use of the down time. Are there any leaky roofs in our businesses that we should be patching during this time?

A recent article on offered a suggestion for becoming more informed about real estate. It’s directed mostly at home owners (feel free to pass it on to your clients), but I think the author’s advice provides at least one way for us to “sharpen the saw” as Steven Covey says.

Click here to read: Reading is the Easy Way.

Another article on that site that might be worth checking is Federal Sentencing Guidelines Have Relevance to Real Estate Brokers.

What Do You Do to Be Prepared?

I hope these articles provide some good food for thought. What do you do to stay sharp professionally? Comment below or head over to our Facebook page and let us know.

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