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VA loan limit update for 2021

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VA loan limit update for 2021

$0 down up to $1.2 million

Today we are talking about VA home loan limits for 2021.

Part of this is reminding people of the VA home loan change that happened in 2020. That’s because the loan limit hasn’t really changed and that’s because…

The VA has no loan limit. And you can put as little as zero-interest down and still get awesome financing terms.

Now, a bit of a disclaimer, some banks might have a limit they hold you to. But there are banks that are fine with up to $1.2 million dollars. So, if you’ve been thinking about a jumbo loan or a large loan, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of your VA eligibility. If you are, the best thing you can give your lender is your VA certificate of eligibility, which you can get off the VA benefits website. A lot of you already know where to find it, but if you need any help, we can help you get that. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make much sense. Just forward it along to us and we’ll interpret it and help you sort it all out.


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